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  • The 10 Bad U.S. Presidents

    Not all U.S. presidents are remembered after people end up leaving the White House. U.S. News compiled its collection of America’s lamest presidents by averaging the outcomes of three major national elections. Few presidents who have taken the oath of office have reached the status of George Washington as well as Abraham Lincoln. Many of […]

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  • Electric Sedan to be Start Selling by Toyota in China by Year-End (2022)

    Electric Sedan will be produced, as part of its ongoing partnership with the Chinese company, Toyota Motor Corp. plans to begin the production of a small energized by BYD Co Ltd battery packs by the end of the year with its sale too. The bZ3 car will initially only be offered in China. Electrical Sedan […]

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  • The U.S. Announces $457.5 Million Civilian Aid for Ukraine

    According to Minister of State Antony Blinken, the United States will give Ukraine $457.5 million in additional civilian aid securities, some of which will be used to aid the government’s investigation into atrocities. Blinken stated in a statement that the assistance is intended to aid Ukrainian law enforcement authorities and criminal justice organizations. According to […]

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