Alex Jones Trial  in Sandy Hook hoax case

A month after losing a nearly $50 million verdict, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is ready to face on trial for the second time for calling the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy a fake and causing emotional and psychological injury to many of the victims' families.

In Connecticut, a six-member jury with numerous alternates will begin hearing testimony on how much Jones should pay the families on Tuesday, despite the fact that he has already been held accountable for their losses. The experiment will last around four weeks.

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Because of the phoney plot, the families and retired FBI agent William Aldenberg believe they have been accosted and tormented in person by Jones' supporters. They also claim to have received death threats and harsh remarks on social media.

Some of the litigants claim that strangers recorded them and their children. In addition, several families have relocated from Newtown to avoid threats and abuse.

Jones now believes the massacre was genuine, contrary to what he maintained on his show for years after the incident. However, he maintains that his statements about the shooting being a fake utilising crisis actors in order to increase gun control efforts were protected by free speech rights.

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