Coco Gauff Recalls the First Time She Met Serena Williams

Gauff was questioned about her first encounter with Williams by reporters before the US Open, where she is the youngest seeded participant in the draw.

She apparently received her first payment in her life as a result of the American legend, in addition to a photo with Williams.

Recalling the incident Gauff said, "I think I was 9 or 10 years old." "They needed a stunt double to play a young version of her, just the [neck] down. I think it was for a Delta commercial."

Gauff cut a calm figure as she answered questions from the media as she prepares for the season's final major.

She was in tears the night before as her iconic shoe, the New Balance CG1, went on sale all around the world.

It's impossible to avoid noticing that Gauff continues the Williams legacy. She has transformed from breaking under the pressure of being dubbed "The Next Serena" to forging her own path and drawing inspiration from Williams' example.

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Next up Coco Gauff faces off against Elena-Gabriela Ruse in the second round of US Open.