Dr. Oz running for Pennsylvania Senate seat

Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz claims that Democratic nominee and current lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania John Fetterman is either afraid to offer his views to voters or unable to debate due to poor health following his stroke.

Fetterman said late last week he would not attend a previously agreed upon debate during the first week of September, prompting Oz and his campaign to go on the offensive in questioning the Democrat's health. Fetterman suffered a stroke in mid-May, and his campaign announced he had gone into surgery on May 17 — the day voters selected him as the Democratic nominee for Senate in Pennsylvania.

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Fetterman faced increased criticism from sources other than his Republican opponent on Tuesday. Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., whose seat Fetterman and Oz are vying for, stated at a press conference that the ability to debate is required for Senate service. Furthermore, after Fetterman stepped out of the discussion, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial board expressed concern about his health.

Fetterman said last week that he will not be participating in the first of five scheduled debates ahead of the November midterm elections, implying that his recovery from the stroke was a factor.

However, the Republican pointed out that while Fetterman declares his beliefs online, he has been "quiet for about four months now, not answering questions on the campaign trail, not answering questions from media, not responding my questions, which should be addressed on the debate floor. "The people of Pennsylvania deserve better," Oz remarked.

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