iPhone 14 ditches physical SIM cards for eSIM

On Wednesday, global technology leader Apple unveiled the iPhone 14 series. While previous iPhone launch trended for weeks on the internet, the story this time is a little different. Apple has decided to remove the SIM card port from the iPhone in the US market, leaving only two E-SIM alternatives.

As word spread about the lack of real SIM slots, the internet erupted with memes criticising the luxury gadget company. Existing iPhone owners were dismayed by the inability to swap SIM cards while on the fly. Users pointed out that the E-SIM-only iPhone 14 would be worthless if the owners travelled to another country because they wouldn't be able to insert the local SIM card when needed.

Some of the remarks poked fun at Apple, which was recently fined significantly by the Brazilian government for failing to include chargers with new iPhones. One user speculated that future generations of Apple's smartphones would be dubbed e-Phones rather than iPhones and would function similarly to NFTs. Another person stated that purchasing an iPhone and not being able to use it when visiting family would result in "premium tears."

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Technology professionals, reviewers, and influencers from around the world attended the launch event in Cupertino, California. Aside from the traditional SIM card slot, Apple has decided to forego the contentious notch design for the Pro variants. Instead of the notch, the Pro versions have what Apple refers to as "Dynamic Island," which is nothing more than a new notch design with fancy features.

Surprisingly, Apple has decided to keep the conventional SIM card slot for international markets like as India. A customer from India noted that if Apple had dropped the SIM slot for their market, it would have caused havoc because users were not prepared for E-SIMs. Due to the removal of actual SIM slots, several dissatisfied users have said that they may no longer purchase iPhones.

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