Jill Biden Tests Negative for COVID After Rebound Case

Nearly a week after contracting a "rebound" case of the coronavirus, first lady Jill Biden tested negative for COVID-19 on Monday and will return to Washington on Tuesday.

Biden, who has been isolating at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, has now tested negative, according to a statement from her spokeswoman Elizabeth Alexander.

The first lady, who tested positive for the illness for the first time on August 15, spent her first isolation period in South Carolina until August 21, when she was released.

After receiving treatment with the antiviral Paxlovid, she subsequently tested positive for a rebound case last week.

Paxlovid, which President Biden also took after testing positive last month, was recommended to Jill Biden, who has had two vaccinations and two booster shots. The president experienced a COVID-19 "rebound" case, just like his wife.

On Wednesday morning, President Biden had travelled back to the White House from Delaware. The first lady was meant to go with her husband but she remained isolated.

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Jill Biden, 71, and her husband Joe Biden, 79, have received two doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination as well as two doses of booster shots.