GM's Cruise Recalls, Updates Software in 80 Robo-taxis Following Crash 

In response to a minor injuries-related crash in San Francisco in June, General Motors' autonomous vehicle division Cruise has recalled and upgraded software in 80 self-driving robotaxis.

The accident included a Cruise car, which does not require a human driver to be behind the wheel, abruptly braking while making a left turn.

Federal authorities claimed the recalled software was capable of "inaccurately predicting" the path of an approaching vehicle.

After the upgrade, Cruise claimed it had concluded that this rare situation wouldn't happen again.

According to the NHTSA, Cruise was required by law to file a recall "to rectify a safety flaw in its autonomous driving systems software."

According to Cruise, the collision in June was the only one of its kind in more than 123,560 unprotected driverless left turns before the software upgrade.

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Since 2018, GM has lost around $5 billion while attempting to establish a robotaxi company in San Francisco.