NASA's 2nd Shot at Launching Moon Ruined by Fuel Leak 

Another fuel leak forced NASA to cancel a second attempt to launch its massive Moon rocket.

On Saturday, almost three hours before the scheduled liftoff time of 2:17pm EDT (18:17 GMT), mission controllers suspended preflight operations.

The previous attempt on Monday was also hampered by hydrogen leaks, but those were on different parts of the 98-meter (322-foot) rocket, the most potent NASA has ever created.

The most recent setback may cause NASA's Moon-to-Mars Artemis program's initial mission to be postponed for several weeks or even months.

According to officials, the leak proved too difficult and time-consuming to diagnose and repair on the launch pad before the mission's current launch window closes on Tuesday.

Spectators jammed the Florida coast to see the SLS take off. A large number of people were anticipated by local authorities due to the lengthy Labor Day weekend.

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At this point, the spacecraft will be rolled back into its assembly facility.