Rare Jellyfish with 'Intense' Sting Spotted on New Jersey Beaches  

Usually prevalent in tropical waters, mauve stingers have recently been seen in Sandy Hook and on a few beaches in Jersey Shore.

Recent reports of unpleasant jellyfish stings from Manasquan, New Jersey's Jersey Shore beachgoers led specialists to identify the species as pelagia noctiluca, also known as mauve stinger.

They have an umbrella-like shape, are tiny, and have a purple to pink hue with a dotty pattern.

Depending on the currents, it can be seen from July to October, and it typically inhabits warmer waters like the Mediterranean Sea.

You will undoubtedly feel mauve stingers if they come in contact with your skin. Their sting can be as intense as a 9-volt battery sting.

Bologna claimed that during the previous few weeks, thousands of the jellyfish have gathered along the coastline, despite their presence being unusual in New Jersey.

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The simplest treatment for being stung is to apply some white vinegar to the area.