Republicans Fret Over  New Hampshire Primary Candidate

On Tuesday, eleven people are competing for the opportunity to oppose Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan in the midterm elections in November.

Don Bolduc, a retired army general, is leading the Republican field in the Granite State primary election.

Mr. Bolduc, an Afghan war veteran with ten tours, has made the unfounded claim that coronavirus vaccines contain microchips.

The 61-year-old has also received less than $600,000 from individual contributors  compared to $31 million by Ms. Hassan

Senior Republicans are concerned about a nominee that may put a stop to their attempts to regain the Senate.

Recently, Mr. Trump praised Mr. Bolduc as a "strong person, tough guy" who had "spoken some terrific things" during a radio appearance.

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In recent polls, the former general has consistently been in the lead, often by double digits over a fragmented field.