Shannon Sharpe slams Brett Favre for $1.1m welfare fund

The apparent involvement of famous Packers quarterback Brett Favre in an alleged assistance fund controversy has shocked the NFL world. Authorities also questioned Brett Favre after he failed to prove how the quarterback made millions of rupees without leaving a trace.

Brett Favre was apparently paid $1.1 million for talks he never gave, which piqued the interest of the FBI, who subsequently questioned Favre. Shannon Sharpe was enraged at the news and didn't hold back in expressing his feelings. The former Broncos tight end went on to brand Brett Favre a "sleazeball" who steals money from those in need.

Shannon emphasised that Mississippi is one of the poorest places in the country, and Brett Favre reportedly cheated the people out of millions of dollars for his own advantage. Brett Favre made millions of dollars throughout his NFL career. Shannon was perplexed as to the nature of the controversy.

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Recent messages revealed that Brett Favre is putting roughly $5 million into a new complex being built in his alma mater, where his daughter also plays volleyball. Brett Favre was working with a non-profit organisation as well as former Mississippi governor Phil Bryant.

Brett Favre has yet to face charges for the alleged offences he committed. The welfare fund fraud is a major issue in which around $77 million does not get to individuals who need it the most, but instead they are duped and robbed of their basic requirements.

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