Sherri Papini pleads guilty for kidnapping hoax

Prosecutors say the Shasta County woman who pled guilty to faking her own kidnapping should serve eight months in prison.

Prosecutors said that while eight months is on the low end of sentence recommendations, it is consistent with the plea deal that Papini accepted. "A shorter punishment, such as the one month of jail suggested by probation or home detention in place of incarceration, is insufficient to serve the goals of sentencing," they say.

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Papini vanished in 2016, only to reappearance three weeks later on Thanksgiving Day. She said she was kidnapped by two "Hispanic ladies" who later freed her.

Prosecutors say, however, that Papini had planned the kidnapping for almost a year before her disappearance. They found text messages between her and an ex-boyfriend on burner cell phones.

Prosecutors claim that the plea deal would be adequate if she received three years of supervised release in addition to her jail sentence. On September 19, she will be sentenced.