US Woman Faints Up To 10 Times a Day Says She is Allergic to Gravity

Lyndsi Johnson, a 28-year-old American woman, claims she is "allergic to gravity" and experiences up to ten dizzy spells every day.

Lyndsi claims she spends 23 hours a day in bed. It is a real condition, and an incredibly rare one at that.

For the US Navy, Lyndsi Johnson once worked as a diesel aviation technician. Now, she can't stay up for more than three minutes without passing out.

Johnson stated that her earliest symptoms included back and stomach ache. Projectile vomiting and frequent fainting were the results of the symptoms' progressively worsening symptoms.

Lyndsi says in an interview, "I can’t leave my house anymore. There is no cure but I’m so grateful for James (her husband and primary caregiver) and what I do have,”  

Johnson disclosed in February 2022 that she had Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS), which she describes as a "allergy to gravity."

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Johnson regularly updates her Instagram followers on her health status. Additionally, she works to raise awareness of her uncommon disease.