World's 'Loneliest Man' Dies  in Brazilian Forest

Authorities in Brazil report the death of the final member of an uncontacted indigenous group. The man had lived alone for the last 26 years; his identity was unknown.

The Man of the Hole, as he was known, lived alone on Tanaru native grounds in Brazil's Rondonia state's Amazon rainforest.

He was given the nickname because he excavated deep holes, some of which he used to trap animals and others of which looked like hiding places.

The last tribal member constantly refused to communicate with him directly or to send him food packages.

On August 23, his dead body was discovered in a hammock outside of his straw house. There were no indications of violence.

It is thought that ranchers looking to increase their landholdings murdered the majority of his tribe as early as the 1970s.

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Indigenous rights organisations have demanded that the Tanaru reserve be given permanent protection now that the Man of the Hole has passed away.